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Welcome to rate___my_eljay!
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Welcome to rate___my_eljay!
Here are some rules that you must follow, or else you will be banned.
-You must make your own layout & overrides...no exception.
-Respect all judges.
-Use proper grammar. No TyPiN lYk dIs!11!!
-Wait until you are stamped by one of the mod's until you start rating.
-Do not request layouts/images here. It's a rating community.
-You will not be voted on unless you join the community.
-In your title/subject, please write front seats. This let's us know you have read the rules.
Okay! Now please fill out the application below!

Fill out the form in between the <b> </b>'s.
Name: <b> </b>
Age: <b> </b>
Interests: <b> </b>
My layout is best viewed in: <b>1024x768 or 800x600 </b>
Layout theme: <b> </b>
Free or paid account?: <b> </b>
Additional comments: <b> </b>


Voting will be by numbers 1-10. You must recieve a 7 or higher to become stamped.



optional rating form (FOR JUDGES ONLY)
Originality: <b>1-10</b>
Color scheme: <b>1-10</b>
Is it organized and readble?: <b>1-10</b>
Icons: <b>1-10</b>
Graphic quality: <b>1-10</b>
Design: <b>1-10</b>

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